Code lists

Updated 31.8.2016. Changes in the code list can be found here.

The code lists are valid in the current version of Synkka Product.

Code List F-number(s) in Synkka Product
Additional Trade Item Identification Type Code F7124|F7126|F7127
Additive Name F7002
Additive Name/E-numbers F7003
ADR Dangerous Goods Limited Quantities Code F7071
ADR Tunnel Restriction Code F7078
Alcohol Permission Level Codes F7216
Allergen Type Code F7004
Battery Technology Type Code F7228
Battery Type Code F7229
BooleanCodeList F7060|F7090|F7125|F7151|F7176|F7198| F7219|7225|7226|F7307
Certification Value [Valvira Classification Packaging Code] F7243
Certification Value [Valvira Classification Product Category] F7244
Certification Value [Valvira Classification Quality Class Code] F7245
Class Of Dangerous Goods F7067
Colour Code Agency List Code F7055
Communication Channel Code F7337
Contact Type Code F7339
Convenience Level Percent F7011
Country Code F7064|F7122|F7345
CPV Classification (external code list in Finnish) F7250
Dangerous Goods Classification Code F7068
Dangerous Goods Hazardous Code F7070
Dangerous Goods Packing Group F7073
Dangerous Goods Regulation Code F7069
Dangerous Goods Special Provisions F7074
Dangerous Hazardous Label Number F7212
Dangerous Substances Enumeration Risk Phrase F7087
Dangerous Substances Enumeration Safety Phrase F7088
Dangerous Substances Enumeration Symbols F7085
Dangerous Substances Water Solubility Code F7089
Data Carrier Presence Code F7182
Data Carrier Type Code F7047
Diet Type Code F7012
Dimension Type Code F7309
Display Type Code F7340
Doc Comm Header Command Type F7001
Duty Fee Tax Category Code F7200
Duty Fee Tax Reduction Criteria Description F7214
Duty Fee Tax Type Code F7215
Finnish Classification Category Code F7177
Fishing Gear Type Code F7236
GHS Signal Words Code F7108
GHS Symbol Description Code F7104
GPC Classification Category Code F7112|F7113|F7114
Grade Code Reference Fruits And Vegetables F7234
Grade Code Reference Quality Class F7092
Grade Code Reference Weight Class F7093
Handling Instructions Code Reference F7118
Hazard Statements Code F7101
Import Classification Type F7120
Ingredient Name F7016
Language Code F7014|F7019|F7029|F7040|F7058|F7066|F7076|F7096| F7103|F7107|F7129|F7131|F7133|F7136|F7223|F7253| F7292|F7296|F7310|F7311|F/329|F7349
Level Of Containment Code F7005|F7098|F7308
Measurement Precision Code F7007|F7024|F7312|F7313|F7314|F7315
Measurement Unit Code F7033|F7036|F7050|F7156|F7203|F7209|F7233|F7262|F7263| F7264|F7265|F7268|F7269|F7270|F7271|F7272|F7273|F7274|F7275| F7276|F7277|F7278|F7279|F7280|F7283|F7284|F7290|F7291|F7297| F7299|F7300|F7301|F7304|F7305|F7306|F7322|F7325
Net content measurement unit code F7062
Non Binary Logic Code List F7059|F7079|F7227|F7048|F7051|F7330|F7341
Nutrient Type Code F7022
Nutritional Claim Nutrient Element Code F7342
Nutritional Claim Type Code F7343
Nutritional Composition F7020
Packaging Function Code F7355
Packaging Marked Label Accreditation Code F7017
Packaging Material Type Code F7154
Packaging Recycling Process Type Code F7220
Packaging Recycling Scheme Code F7246
Packaging Type Code F7157
Peg Hole Type Code F7170
Phase Of Matter Code F7086
Platform Terms And Conditions Code F7163
Platform Type Code F7167
Precautionary Statement Code F7105
Preparation State Code F7008
Preparation Type Code F7037
Product Activity Region Zone Code Reference F7235
Product Activity Type Code F7344
Product Characteristics Code F7346
Product Yield Type Code F7316
Production Method For Fish And Seafood F7237
Species For Fishery Statistic Purposes Code F7238
Target Consumer Age F7038
Temperature Measurement Unit Code F7281|F7282|F7285|F7287|F7288|F7289|F7291
Temperature Qualifier Code F7352
Trade Channel Code F7053
Trade Item Date On Packaging Type Code F7097
Trade Item Feature Code Reference F7030
Trade Item Temperature Condition Type Code F7240
Trade Item Unit Descriptor Code F7158
Transportation Maximum Quantity F7218
United Nations Dangerous Goods Number F7077
Vitamins Minerals Code F7031
Waste Directive Appliance Type F7204