Naming the sales and marketing image

If the trade item has been saved in the Synkka data pool, the image file has been named in accordance with the standard, and the image adheres to the requirements, the image can be published in the media bank without manual work phases. If the naming is different than the standard requires, the supplier enters the mandatory information manually in the user interface.

When a data recipient downloads a sales and marketing image from the system, the file name follows the standard naming practice regardless of the supplier’s original file name.

Before photographing the trade items, the default front face of the trade item must be defined. For the purposes of the GDSN standard, the default front is the side that is used by the manufacturer to “sell‟ the product to the consumer, in other words, the side with markings such as the product name. Some product packages have more than one possible front with the same surface area. These products can be represented both vertically and horizontally on the shelves. If a product package has more than one possible front, the highest side is considered to be the default front.

A standard file name without additional information for a sales and marketing image is 19 characters. The naming is explained in detail in the file below: