Planogram specifications

A planogram image is an image used to draw planograms for stores in a drawing program. When there are several images, the drawing program can use them to create a three-dimensional image. The requirements for the planogram images are based on the GDSN standard maintained by the GS1 community. The standard guides the users to create quality images that the end user can use in different situations.

The requirements for planograms in the Synkka-service

  • The planograms are always display without a facing indicator or plunge angle
  • Resolution: 72-150 ppi
  • File size is recommended to be approximately 100 Kb
  • Colour mode: RGB
  • File types: PNG (packaging level not under 10) or JPG
  • The image should be cropped close to the product and it should have a transparent or white background
  • The image should be named according to the GDSN standard. We suggest that you name the images before adding them to the service to lessen your workload.

All products that are produced in a package should be represented with up to six (6) views of the In-Package consumer pack, with three (3) views as a minimum straight-on front, straight-on top, and straight-on left side views. An additional straight-on front view of an inner pack should be available when appropriate. If the trade item can be stacked on the shelf either vertically or horizontally, it is natural to provide more than three (3) images. Typically, such trade item groups include nappies and biscuit packs. Items that are not produced in a package, such as hammers, must be represented with the same above three (3) views.

Additionally, the planogram images have following guidelines:

  • The image only represents one trade item or one display tray.
  • The primary image area must not contain props or other trade items.
  • The trade item is positioned in accordance with the angle rules.
  • Images of box-type trade items must be cropped to products’ edge and represented on a white background.
  • Round and irregularly shaped trade items are cut out of the background and represented on a transparent background.
  • Round and irregularly shaped trade items can also be cropped to products’ edge and represented on a white background.