Sales and marketing images specifications

In Synkka Media, a sales and marketing image is an image intended to be used for sales and marketing purposes. The digital asset specifications for the sales and marketing images are based on the GDSN standard maintained by the GS1 community. The standard guides manufacturers towards producing high-quality sales and marketing images that end-users can utilize for various purposes.

Requirements for sales and marketing images in the Synkka-service

  • The image is taken in front of the product with a small plunge angle
  • Resolution: 300 ppi
  • File size max 40 Mb
  • Colour mode: RGB
  • File types: TIFF (LZW packed) or JPG
  • The longer side of the image should be min 900 px (900-2400 px is a standard sales and marketing image and 2401-4800 px is a high resolution sales and marketing image)
  • The image contains one active clipping path that is named "Path 1" (the clipping path default flatness setting should be 1-device pixels).
  • The image should be cropped as near the product as possible and it should have a transparent or white background
  • The image should be named according to the GDSN standard. We suggest that you name the images before adding them to the service to lessen your workload.

The product may be represented in or out of packaging. If it is unclear which image is the best, the GDSN standard recommends to provide two images of the product. If the supplier provides a sales and marketing image in which the product is represented out of packaging, Finnish retailers require one image of the product represented in of packaging too. All products should have a maximum of three (3) separate views when warranted per marketable face.

The Finnish data recipients require that suppliers define a main image for each product (sales and marketing). The main image defines which image the image supplier prefers the data recipients to use e.g. in marketing or in an online store. One trade item (identified with a GTIN code) can have a maximum of one main image.

Additionally, the sales and marketing images have following guidelines:

  • The product’s best before date is not shown in the image.
  • The product looks presentable in the image: it is not deformed, dirty, or dusty, and the packaging is intact.
  • There is no unnecessary gloss on the surface of the product.
  • The image has a large depth of field.
  • Sufficient lighting has been used.
  • The image has realistic and neutral shadows and reflections.
  • The colors are rich and balanced, and match the product's PMS colors. If a PMS color or rights to it are not available, the users must compare the color to color samples as accurately as possible or list the exact RGB values of the color.
  • The image is not out of focus.
  • The image has not been made excessively sharp by image processing.
  • The image has not been manipulated (interpolated) to increase the pixel size, causing loss of details and sharpness.
  • There is no Moiré pattern in the product label. Moiré is a phenomenon in which the dots in the label interfere with each other and cause uneven gradation and a stripe pattern in the image.
  • The image shows no signatures or watermarks.
  • No alpha channels or other masks have been used in image processing.