Trade item specifications (PDF)

Trade item specifications are pdf-files containing information about the product, for example user manuals. The files are uploaded to Synkka Media in the same way that sales and marketing and planogram images. The metadata have some unique fields like language and ISBN/ISSB numbers.

Requirements for the trade item specifications (pdf) in the Synkka-service

  • File size max 100 Mb
  • File type: PDF
  • Fonts and other elements are included in the file
  • A name that represents the content

Attributes: Trade item specifications (pdf)

Updated 20.9.2016

M = mandatory information
O = optional information

Attribute Definition Attribute type Applicability
Specification type Defines the specification type. koodilista M
Language Defines what the language is found in the specification. koodilista M
Access control list Defines to which receiver GLN the image is visible. The field inherits the information automatically from the data pool. If the field is empty, the image is visible to all receivers. numeerinen O
Start date Defines when the receivers can see the asset. If the field is left empty, the asset is visible right away. pvm O
Public start date Defines when a previously limited asset is public to all receivers. If the field is left empty, the asset stays limited to a certain receiver group. The field is not filled if the asset is visible to all receivers. pvm O
End date Defines when the asset is no longer usable. If the field is left empty, the asset stays public. pvm O
Automatic archive By filling this button, the user defines that the asset will be automatically archived when the end dates in the data pool are fulfilled or the End date is fulfilled. After the archive, the asset stays in the archive for 550 days and is then deleted from the system completely. painike O