Excel export / import

Product information can be exported from the Synkka user interface into an Excel file. The user can export the information of either an individual item or several products at once. The Excel function of Synkka Product can process large quantities of product information. However, remember to always be careful and precise when handling a large amount of product information at the same time.

The import/export function of Synkka can be used in, for instance, the following situations:

  • when you want to save or view product information in Excel format
  • when product information is mass-updated in Excel, after which it is transferred back into the Data Pool using Excel
  • when product information is transferred from one supplier to another (e.g. when the representation of the products is changed).
    • Synkka training materials describe in further detail the steps related to change in product representation

Please, contact the Synkka customer service before your first Excel export/import – we will be happy to provide further advice.

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