The Synkka data pool is GDSN certified, which means that one is able to synchronize data between different markets. The Synkka data pool is mostly based on the GDSN standard.

On these pages you will find the material for building and maintaining an integration to the system.

Version 3.1.10 (small) 3.1.12 (large)
Test environment deployment 7.9.2019 21.12.2019
Production deployment 2.11.2019 15.2.2020

In addition GDSN updates, Synkka is continuously developed according to customer's feedback. The year 2019 development targets are:

  • mass publishing (04/2019)
  • improving search capabilities
  • new code lists 

The GDSN standard

The Synkka-service is based on an international GDSN-standard, which provides the opportunity to send information between different GDSN certified data pools.

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