Synkka trainings

GS1 Finland organizes trainings on data quality of product information and the usage of the user interface. The trainings are company-specific and implemented based on customer wishes.

The main themes in GS1 Finland's trainings are the data quality of product information and images, as well as the saving/input of product information and images to the service. The training focuses on the content and relevance of product information and/or images, as well as the ability to provide information to the service. As our customer, you can choose what areas you want go through in the training course and the training is tailored accordingly.

A training for a new customer is approximately a one-day course, where data quality of product information and input training are combined. Mediabank trainings are generally a bit shorter. We also offer trainings that include more advanced data quality and input of product information into the data pool for our existing customers.

The trainings are intended for persons who are responsible of product information, contact persons, product managers, product assistants, and others who deal with product information and/or images.

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